A secret to discover


the art of decoding

Each bottle of wine is an enigma to be unraveled. Just like the alchemists of the past, who sought to decipher the mysteries of the universe, our winemakers are also dedicated to unveiling the hidden secrets in each of our vineyards. The word "Código" transcends its common meaning and thus becomes a symbol that connects us to the essence of our wines.


Just like an enigma, our wines hide an intriguing story, where land, climate, ancestral knowledge and passion meet. Each bottle carries a hidden message that reveals the secret behind the wine. A secret guarded by the true guardians of the earth's secrets, which communicates the ancestral wisdom and creativity of our winemakers.


We celebrate innovation and winemaking tradition, while embracing the enigma and challenge of creating exceptional and unique wines. The challenge is to combine respect for secular techniques with innovation and creativity, never failing to reflect the true essence of the Serra da Estrela sub-region.

the secret

Discover the encrypted message on the labels of each Código Wine. Each wine hides a secret that tells a little more about the history of wine. Unravel the mystery that hides behind our creations, from the moment the vine sprouts from the soil, until the moment it reaches your glass.