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magic of the give

We created Dão wines to connect with the magic rooted in the history of the Serra da Estrela sub-region. Our journey begins in the mystical hills and enchanted valleys of this picturesque region, where the art of viniculture has flourished for centuries.

art of creating

Our winemakers are true keepers of the secrets of this enchanting region. They combine ancestral knowledge passed down through generations with modern winemaking techniques, creating unique labels that reflect the soul of Serra da Estrela.

the vines

The choice of plots, soil work, climate control and harvesting at the ideal maturation point are fundamental for the quality of the grapes and, consequently, for the quality of the wines.


Oak barrels have been used for centuries in winemaking, and this wooden aging process adds a unique dimension to our wines. Each barrel is like a chalice of mysteries, where the wine breathes and interacts with the oak, acquiring new flavors, aromas and characteristics over time.


In the production of the Código wines, rigor is one of the cornerstones that sustain our quest for excellence. From growing the grapes to the moment the wine is bottled, every step of the process is carried out with precision and meticulous care.


The clay pots give our wine a distinctive identity, as the porous material allows a subtle and gradual micro-oxygenation during the aging process. This slow contact with oxygen gives our Código Wines an intriguing aromatic complexity, rescuing aromas and flavors that echo through time.