behind the creations

the winemaker

Tiago Macena

Meet the visionary mind behind wines that echo with heavenly poetry. Our winemaker is a true alchemist, he transforms grapes into masterpieces that tell cosmic stories through each wine.

With an unshakable passion for the art of winemaking, Tiago Macena unravels the hidden codes within nature and the constellations, creating a wine selection that captivates the senses. Each wine is a journey, an odyssey through the oenological cosmos, meticulously conducted by the hands of our oenologist.

the dream

"2017 made me realize that it was time to make my dream come true: Finish my studies at the Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW). I had tried before, and now I am back more prepared and in a professional environment that not only allows me to enables me to do so. I am no longer someone else's employee, I am now the captain of my own ship" – Tiago Macena

Our brand celebrates the sophistication and tradition of winemaking, while embracing the enigma and challenge of creating exceptional wines. Each bottle is a journey that combines respect for centuries-old techniques with innovation, reflecting the true essence of Serra da Estrela.

You are invited to embark on this oenological adventure and discover the secrets that make our wines so special. Every sip is one step closer to unlocking the enigma behind the Código brand. Delight yourself with the unique experience that the sub-region of Serra da Estrela can offer, toasting to life, mystery and passion for exceptional wines. Health!


The Código Project is an intriguing journey for wine lovers looking to explore beyond the conventional. Inspired by the enigma of the stars and daring curiosity, we plunge into the depths of the vineyards in search of the best kept secrets.

Here, each bottle is a page of a cosmic tale, where grapes are the protagonists of a story written in the stars. Combining ancestral wisdom with the most recent oenological innovation, Código project unveils the hidden language of wines, translating it into unparalleled sensory experiences.

Prepare to be captivated by labels that are more than just wines; they are enigmatic messages that invite you to decipher the codes of heavenly winemaking. Explore with us the universe of flavors, aromas and emotions, while we unravel the mysteries of wine, one sip at a time.