Granius embodies the tenacity of the vines and the unshakable strength of the land itself. This wine embodies the robust essence that flows through the vines, transforming itself into a sensory experience that reflects the resilience of the vines that gave rise to it.

A tribute to nature's persistence, and each tasting is a tribute to the vines that have braved time and the elements to produce exceptional fruit.

The Granius tells an intriguing story of strength and origin. As the rock is the protagonist, the highlighted chemical composition reveals the mineral secrets that nourished the vines. The rock, solid and unchanging, symbolizes the foundation on which the wine is built, embodying the essence of the earth in every drop.

By tasting Granius, you are connecting with a tradition that goes back to antiquity, a journey through the geological and historical layers that shaped this exceptional wine. Get ready to feel the strength of the earth and the resilience of the vines.